The History of Fieger Law

  • Bernard Attends Harvard

    Bernard J. Fieger, originally from Brooklyn, attends Harvard Law School on the GI Bill, and meets his future wife, June Oberer.

  • Bernard and June Wed

    Bernie and June get married and move to June’s hometown of Detroit. They have three children, Geoffrey, Doug (the late lead singer of "The Knack") and Beth (now a TV writer in Los Angeles).

  • Bernard Starts Firm

    Bernie starts the firm Fieger & Lee, the second interracial law firm in Michigan, with partner George Lee, in the Lawyer’s Building in Detroit.

  • Fieger Family Moves

    Bernie and June move their family to Oak Park, Mich., where they will stay to raise their kids.

  • Firm's First Move

    The firm moves to the First National Bank building in downtown Detroit.

  • Firm Finds New "Home"

    Bernie and future state Senator Roger Craig renovate a home on 10 Mile Road in Southfield to house the law offices of Craig & Fieger (where the firm still stands today). Over the years they fight for labor rights with Joe Golden, Mark Cousens and Gail Boesky.

  • Bernard Joins Freedom Riders

    Bernard Fieger travels frequently to Mississippi during the civil rights movement, registering African-Americans to vote and trying cases pro bono. He helps defeat the crippling poll tax, a fee frequently waived for white voters but not blacks.

  • June Makes History

    June Fieger, Bernard’s wife and Geoffrey’s mother, becomes the first female organizer for the Michigan Federation of Teachers. She leads the nation’s first teacher’s strike in Hamtramck.

  • Geoffrey Earns Law Degree

    After dabbling in football, acting and music, Geoffrey Fieger graduates from Detroit College of Law and joins his father’s practice. His salary is $12,000 a year and his office is in the basement.

  • Geoffrey Achieves First Big Win

    Geoffrey Fieger achieves his first $1 million verdict, in his first case during his first year as an attorney.

  • RIP, Bernard Fieger

    Bernard Fieger passes away Nov. 3, 1988 from complications of diabetes. His name remains on the firm to this day.

  • Dr. Kevorkian Calls Geoffrey For Help

    Over the next decade, Fieger articulates Kevorkian’s position on assisted suicide in the media and throughout six victorious trials.

  • Long-Time Partner Joins Firm

    Michael Schwartz, head of the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission, joins the firm as partner and stays for 10 years.

  • Geoffrey vs. Jenny Jones

    Geoffrey wins $25 million in "The Jenny Jones Show" murder case, broadcast daily on CourtTV.

  • Firms Expands

    Fieger, Fieger & Schwartz adds 8,000 square feet of office space at a cost of $5 million.

  • Geoffrey Runs For Governor

    Geoffrey is the Democratic nominee for Governor of Michigan, running against incumbent John Engler.

  • Jerry Kenney Joins Firm

    Jerry Kenney, who heads the largest defense firm in Detroit, joins Fieger as partner and stays until his untimely passing on April 10, 2005.

  • Geoffrey Defends Nate Abraham

    Geoffrey defends Nate Abraham, who at 11 years old is the youngest child ever tried for murder as an adult.

  • Geoffrey Funds TPI At MSU

    Michigan State University-Detroit College of Law establishes the Geoffrey Fieger Trial Practice Institute, which trains aspiring attorneys for the rigors of the courtroom.

  • Civil Rights Record

    Geoffrey obtains a record-setting verdict in a civil rights case, winning $56.5 million on behalf of Christopher Moreland, who died at the hands of jailers in a South Bend, Ind.

  • RIP, June Fieger

    June Oberer Fieger passes away Nov. 17, 2003 in Laguna Woods, Calif., where she had been living with her daughter Beth's family since 1996.

  • $20 Million Expansion

    Completing a 20,000-square-foot addition, Fieger Law becomes the largest plaintiff’s firm in the state, employing more than 70 attorneys and support staff. The building includes a mock courtroom, TV studio, atrium, waterfall and Mushroom Cellar cafe.

  • Geoffrey Beats Feds

    Geoffrey Fieger, represented by legendary Attorney Gerry Spence, won his own court battle against the Gonzales/Rove/Bush Justice Department when he was acquitted on all counts of alleged illegal campaign donations.

  • RIP, Doug Fieger

    Doug Fieger passes away on Valentine’s Day at age 57. He is remembered for fronting The Knack, one of pop-punk’s most popular bands, with hits like "My Sharona."

  • You Don’t Know Jack

    HBO Films releases “You Don’t Know Jack” starring Al Pacino as Dr. Jack Kevorkian and Danny Huston as Geoffrey Fieger. An accompanying documentary, “Kevorkian,” also features interviews with Geoffrey. Pacino won an Emmy for his role.

  • Record-Breaking Verdict

    Fieger Law wins a record-breaking $144.5 million birth trauma settlement, the largest single injury verdict ever achieved in the United States.

  • Harrington Named Partner

    James J. Harrington IV, who joined Fieger Law as a clerk while still in law school, becomes the youngest attorney ever named partner at the firm.

  • Fight For Flint

    In February, Fieger Law files a $100 million lawsuit on behalf of numerous patients who contracted Legionella Pneumonia at McLaren Flint Hospital, as part of the Flint Water Crisis.

  • Another Record Case

    On June 29, Geoffrey Fieger, with partner Jack Beam, obtains $53 million on behalf of Isaiah Ewing, who suffered a traumatic birth injury at University of Chicago Hospital. It marks the largest medical malpractice verdict in Chicago history.

  • Not Afraid To Win

    Fieger Law continues to achieve record-breaking verdicts and settlements, and is considered unparalleled in personal injury and civil rights litigation. Geoffrey Fieger is believed to have achieved more multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements than any other attorney in America.

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